Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom

Thyatira batis

Carved from a single piece of cherry wood. Hand-painted, signed at the back. Slightly larger than life-size. Wooden framed, 14 × 11.5 cm

€ 375 

availability: sold

A new one can be com­mis­sioned, and will take about two or three weeks to complete.

Just like in nature, my butterflies are similar but never identical; each piece is unique. You can follow the process with pictures and see the end result before delivery.

Please contact me for details:
WhatsApp: +31-6-1909-5460
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Old World swallowtail
old world swallowtail
Papilio machaon

Plain Tiger
plain tiger
Danaus chrysippus

European Peacock
european peacock
Aglais io

Red Admiral
red admiral
Vanessa atalanta

Small Tortoiseshell
small tortoiseshell
Aglais urticae

Cabbage White
cabbage white
Pieris rapae

Silver-striped hawk-moth
silver-striped hawk-moth
Hippotion celerio

Hummingbird hawk-moth
hummingbird hawk-moth
Macroglossum stellatarum

Peach Blossom
peach blossom
Thyatira batis

Eyed hawk-moth
eyed hawk-moth
Smerinthus ocellatus

Lime hawk-moth
lime hawk-moth
Mimas tiliae

Willowherb hawkmoth
willowherb hawkmoth
Proserpinus proserpina

Giant Peacock Moth
giant peacock moth
Saturnia pyri

Bombus terrestris

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