Elephant hawk-moth

Elephant hawk-moth

Deilephila elpenor

Painted wood: watercolor, pencils, acrylic paint; varnish-fixed. Slightly larger than life-size. Wooden framed, 18 × 13 cm

“Deilephila elpenor, the elephant hawk-moth or large elephant hawk-moth, is a moth in the family Sphingidae. Its common name is derived from the caterpillar’s resemblance to an elephant's trunk. It is most common in central Europe and is distributed throughout the Palearctic region.

They are nocturnal and feed on flowers that open or produce nectar at nighttime. They have sensitive eyes and can see colour even at low-light. They can also learn to adapt their behaviour to changing environmental conditions and have shown ability to discriminate between various visual stimuli and associate them with food rewards.”

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Elephant hawk-moth
elephant hawk-moth
Deilephila elpenor
18 × 13 cm